MasterBase® Email Marketing

Boost the growth of your company through 1 to 1 personalized communications

Why work on 1 to 1 personalization?



Client studies show that personalization is “extremely important” to meet business objectives.

-Conversant Media-


Companies think about increasing interaction with their audience by personalizing their messages.



The ROI comes from personalized email marketing campaigns.



Conversions generated by personalized 1 to 1 mailing
exceeded mass mail ing by 276%.

-Plataforma eCommerce A3D Chile-

Based on a methodology of 3 actions:

Through the Marketing Automation processes, we help:

Gather all types
of relevant data


Match them and
build profiles


Send personalized
messages 1 to 1



source data

Easily capture and concentrate all the relevant information of your customers.

Whether it comes from your CRM, from a database, that has been collected in person or is derived from the customer's buying behavior online.

Gather source data:

Bulk load


Upload your data quickly and easily

Entering data has never been so simple. Upload them in bulk from an Excel (.csv) file. It's that simple.

API Integration


Integrate our platform and automate processes

APIs allow our clients to integrate MasterBase® services with others, such as databases, CRM, Landing pages, Web sites, etc.



match the data

Once the data has been collected, you can do manual procedures one by one to each registry, to relate them to each other and build individual profiles based on your clients' personal information and their behavior.

Insightful information who is and how the individual behaves behind each name and email address.

Some ways to Manage:

Contact management


Search, delete, mark and edit your contacts

Search your contact base and edit your information individually and manually, in a few simple steps.



Filter the data and behaviors of your contacts

Generate different types of contact segments based on your profile data and behavior in the communications sent.



with communications

Now the captured and managed data is translated into relevant communications, which can be sent in bulk, segmented or customized. 1 to 1. You define what you want to do.

This is the true relevance, which translates into greater number of conversions and increased sa les.

Some ways to Engage:

Bulk email


Send effective mesages to your contacts

Boost your communications and achieve effective results by creating campaigns easily and quickly, step by step, maximizing deliverability and effectiveness.

Transactional email


Send messages according to a real-time action

Automate the instant sending of messages, in response to an action that a user has performed on their website or other channel.

Marketing Automation


Beyond tradicional Marketing Automation

Achieve true 1 to 1 personalization through relevant communications, based on what your contacts do more than what they claim to be. Learn more


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