APIs at MasterBase®

The main advantage of APIs in Masterbase® is that they allow you to automate actions that are performed on the web platform manually. Among other things, they make it possible to:

Update your databases in your work environment and on our platform, simultaneously.

Create and send messages from your systems without having to access our platform.

Receive from MasterBase® metrics for your shipments.

Nuestros web services API

Our web service APIs

Use our web services APIs to facilitate and synchronize the actions to be performed.

Cree sus credenciales API

Create your API credentials

Before you begin, you must create the credentials that authorize you to make use of our APIs.

Integraciones API

MasterBase® Integrations

Integrate your company's internal systems with our platform and automate data handling.

Let's begin with MasterBase®

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MasterBase® API

To construct the URL of the service you want to consume, you must do so with the following structure:

Base URL that groups Contacts services:


o which you must first add the segment that indicates the service you are pointing to, and then the optional parameters that define your query in question. The first of these preceded by a question mark (?), followed by an equals sign and the value of the parameter. From the second parameter you need to add, you must use the ampersand (&) sign instead of the question mark.




The Envelope

Each answer is contained in a structure called envelope. This means that each response has a predefined structure with which you can interact.

  "Service": "Service Name",
  "Version": "Version the service",
  "TransactionId": "TransactionId",
  "Status": {
    "Code": "Answer Code",
    "Value": "Value of response"
  "Data": {}


The status key is used to obtain information about the service response. If everything has followed its course correctly, the response will indicate in the Code attribute a value of 200 or 201. However, something may fail, in which case the response to be obtained is of this type:

"Status": {
  "Code": "401",
  "Value": "Unauthorized"

Learn more about MasterBase APIs®

Contacts - Manage your contacts

Gets information from your contacts.

Deletes your contacts from 1 to 1.

Gets information about submissions made to a contact.

Creates or updates your contacts.

Updates your contacts from 1 to 1.

Gets information from your contacts by parameters.

MassiveMail - Manage your shipments

Performs a bulk send without a template

Performs a bulk send with template.

Modify a bulk shipment.

Gets the summary of a submission by ID.

Gets the summary of a parameterized submission.

Gets the statistics for a submission.

Gets details of events related to a submission.

UniqueMail - Manage your unique shipments

Performs a single send without a template.

Performs a single, templated submission.

Gets the summary of your submissions.

Gets the statistics for your submissions.

Archive - Access the storage URL of your sent campaigns

Gets the ULR of the sent EML, by date range and page number.

Gets the ULR of the sent EML, by Send ID.

Gets the ULR of the sent EML, by emailing the recipient.

Config - See configuration data

Gets the information for the fields on a base.

Content - Manage the contents of your account

Gets information from the contents of your account.

Modifies states and dates in a content.

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