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The foundation of our success lies in our customers' trust. We respect your privacy

Privacy is an important issue at MasterBase®. We are dedicated to establish a trusting relationship with our clients and users, based on the respect for the privacy of individuals and their information.

We are working to assure our customers and their business the highest level of data protection and we will continue applying safe and strict quality standards in this matter.

Since we manipulate relevant and strategic information of our customers and also handle information confidentiality contracts, we have developed privacy norms detailing our data confidentiality commitment, including the way how personal information is collected and used.

Collection and use of the information on our website

Any information about our customers or the one about anyone being obtained from our website is used only to give this group access to any of our solutions. This information will not be used for any purpose other than that without the permission of the owner, and it will never be used for the purpose of sale, transfer or lease to third parties.

In cases where the marketing of our solutions is pursued, it may also be used in order to select prospects to be contacted by one of our representatives.

The email address and any other information requested on our website, it is used only to send information that has been requested. Our company believes in permission marketing and operates within its margins; as a result, we make contact only with people who have expressed their willingness to receive our communications.

All sent messages include the option to discontinue the subscription, whenever the recipient wants it (opt-out), so from the very moment someone unsubscribes, our company stops sending communications to the respective email address.

The record of the actions performed on our website, browsing specific pages, clicks, access to available information, downloads, IP address and browser type, allows us to maintain an updated site that meets the needs and interests of our visitors, in order to provide valuable content and respond to their requests for help online, via chat, and technical support through our Customer Service.

Strictly for the purposes described, all those who have agreed to give us their contact details receive by email a newsletter with news, updates, trends and developments related to our solutions and other relevant information, regarding our products and services as well as the market of email marketing.

Use of our customer information

All information, gathered from your contacts and customers being administered by you as a user of any of our solutions (or by providing services through one of them), is used with the utmost privacy clarifying the objectives and the use procedures through a confidentiality agreement.


A cookie is a small text file that is transferred to your computer by a Web server. They are commonly used to authenticate users, keep track of their navigation and to maintain specific information about them. When someone visits our web site, opens an email or performs actions like clicking, it is probable that he gets a cookie from us.

Using our cookies aims only to know the way you navigate through our web site with the sole purpose of improving our webpage and its content and also to enrich your navigation experience as a user of our services. These cookies are not connected to any address other than ours and every user has the faculty to accept or decline their use in his/her Internet browser. For more information about how to manage cookies in your Web browser, visit

Third Parties' Intervention

MasterBase® is a company that offers online solutions, based on-demand mode, which are usually marketed by (resellers).

To ensure that every reseller is aligned with our procedures in the information management and, consequently, with the establishment of a relationship of trust with our customers, based on the respect for the privacy of individuals and their information, MasterBase® has transferred them these standards by signing a contract, instrument by which they commit themselves to comply with this Privacy Policy.


For MasterBase® security is a key element within the solutions it provides. Therefore it takes a proactive responsibility to protect all information efficiently and effectively. MasterBase® has security measures to protect you from the loss, misuse or alteration of the information that is under our control.

Privacy Policy for Colombia

MasterBase® Colombia, compelled to respecting the rights of its customers, employees and third parties in general adopts the following policy of personal data processing which must be applied in all activities involving the processing of personal data. Read more.

Privacy Policy for Spain

Masterbase® Europe, in compliance with the provisions of the Spanish law, adopts the following policy for using storage devices and retrieval of data in terminal equipment. Read more.

Privacy Policy for USA

MasterBase® complies with the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework established by the Department of Commerce of the US in connection with the collection, use and retention of personal information in EU Member States. Read more.

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