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We are against spam and we help to avoid it

MasterBase®’s policy regarding Spam is very clear. We are completely against Spam or unwanted deliveries. If any customer or natural person sends any type of Spam through our services, the case will be dutifully investigated and prosecuted.

Our commitment

MasterBase® does not send emails messages that have not been requested by the recipient.

MasterBase® does not do business with companies that send emails not solicited by customers.

MasterBase® does not rent, lease, sell, or in any other way share information about its customers.

MasterBase® keeps a Privacy Policy that clearly states the information management of its customers.

MasterBase® works based on what is called permission marketing. In other words, sending messages only to customers who have requested it.

Report spam

If you have received emails that you think you have not requested or if you have any questions or concerns regarding spam, click the button:

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MasterBase® helps banish spam from your company

MasterBase® is a company that adheres strictly to the rules of permission marketing and ensures that its clients do likewise. Broadly speaking, strategies to achieve this are:

Terms and Conditions: Before a client can use our Free Demo, he must accept the Terms and Conditions that force him not to send messages to people who have not requested them.

Identification: The recipient information should always be the right one. The sender's domain is preset by MasterBase®.

Terminate subscription: MasterBase® maintains a link that allows recipients to unsubscribe from future mailings from the same issuer, as required by law.

Sender’s information: Each message which is generated through MasterBase® contains the legitimate address of the source that produced it, including his or her address.

Direct relationship with ISP: MasterBase® keeps a direct relationship with ISPs and the providers of the most important email accounts worldwide.

Promise of email marketing: MasterBase® accepts, supports and meets the terms of the Email Marketing Pledge, guidelines that are established by the ESPC, Email Sender Provider Coalition.

Avoid spam. Helpful tips before sending an email.

In order to avoid the generation of spam and the consequences that this entails, before sending a message verify that your procedures correspond to the following principles:

Your records have not been produced based on purchased or rented lists.

On your list of records there are no generic or suspicious addresses such as:,,

Your list of records is updated and does not contain email addresses of people that were signed a long time ago.

Your messages are directed only to people who have explicitly authorized you to send communications to them.

You are not using an e-mail from a third party or a domain without authorization.

The link to unsubscribe is working properly.

The subject of your message does not contain erroneous, false, misleading information or that might be unrelated to the content of the message.

MasterBase® is a company focused on permission marketing, which has all the tools, both in terms of development and control, to prevent your company from incurring in any of the vices that could make it suspicious of generating spam.

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