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Your start guide for digital execution

Customer success is one of the key pillars of MasterBase®. We know that to implement a digital process it is not enough to acquire a technological platform.

Our 18-year history serving thousands of users distributed in more than 10 countries and in different industries has allowed us to witness the experience of multiple companies. We highlight the success of many of them in the first months, but we are also attentive to those who are trapped without knowing very well how to move forward.

This guide has as main objective that all our clients succeed with their digital initiatives, that they can improve their business by automating manual tasks today and manage to free up time to devote to the heart of your business.


Roberto Castro

Consulting Manager

Execution Process

For the digital execution process to be successful, whatever the automation, close and attainable goals must be set.

Trying to digitize all the processes at once, will lead us to spend a lot of resources on projects that will last over time and employees will be discouraged from the change that does not come.

To consider:

  • Candidates to automate
  • Spiral methodology
  • Quick Win Process (QWP)

Candidates to automate

Analyze if your processes meet some of the five characteristics that make them good candidates.


Spiral methodology

Start small by gaining broader support and demonstrating the value of the new approach to celebrate success.


Always go from less to more, from simple to complex.


Identify the urgent or critical need for automation.


List the steps that make up the Solution.


Select the Quick Win Process as the starting point.


Quick Win Process (QWP)

QWP are processes that allow you to achieve the immediate success of automation and create the surprise factor. The key is to show results quickly that accelerate the momentum of the digital innovation initiative.

  • They solve the critical process and facilitate the ability to continue climbing.
  • They can be part of several solutions (a wild card).
  • They are fast to implement, since they must deliver results in the short term.


A digital execution has a certain degree of uncertainty, so it is important to emphasize agility and speed.

To do this, three key aspects that drive the automation of digital processes must be identified:

1. Detect
the need

2. Define
the team

3. Get


1. Detect the need

The starting point is to identify the right projects, which must combine Quick Wins Process (QWP) and high-value initiatives.

This is born when modeling the process, where it is crucial to visualize the complete need for automation.


2. Define the team

In addition to choosing the right projects, you also need to find the right people for the work group.

Some tips to build that team that will successfully address the first processes; Start with no more than three people, Work together in and with the business and Find people who want to solve business problems.


3. Get going

Having chosen the project and the people in charge, it is necessary to define the execution process to shape the solution.

Generate a set of practices used in agile project management that emphasizes daily communication and flexible revaluation of plans that are carried out in short and iterative phases of work.

Becoming an innovative digital company is not something that can be achieved overnight

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