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The shopping centers have been transformed into the public square, the place where customers find entertainment, supply, supermarket, pharmacy, household items and all kinds of services. Due to its dynamism and high demand, the fixed lease mode of the premises tends to give way to the monthly collection of a percentage of sales.

By contract, these shopping centers require that each store report their daily sales, but they do not always have the adequate systems to collect and concentrate the information and, even less, to enter it into their administrative-accounting systems.


A real estate operator, owner of several shopping centers, manages a total of 82 retail stores and collects information on weekly sales, manually. He enters it in a form and, at the end of the month, consolidates the total sales. Then cross this data with the lease percentage assigned to each location and proceed with the collection.


They need to facilitate the collection of sales of each store and send it in an orderly way to the control and billing systems.


With the help of MasterBase®, this operator made an online repository to which each tenant enters with his password, digits the weekly sale and uploads the supporting documents. Thanks to an automated process, this information nourishes a base that gathers all the data of the premises, such as name of the business, dimensions and characteristics of the premises and percentage of lease defined in the contract, then performs the individual calculations and incorporates them into a file which displays in view of the tenant, which contains a calculation report and the amount to be paid for the rental of the premises.

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