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Within the ever-complex human resources management in an organization, one of the most sensitive aspects is the coordination of staff vacations. It has multiple variables, such as the number of days available for each employee, departure and return dates for those who are relered into the same function, in addition to the corresponding administrative procedure of applications, approvals, possible modifications and final posting of the days taken. Contrary to what might be believed and for different reasons, it is very common that holidays are not accounted for in the management systems of a company. This is complex when, as the regulations are laid down, it is appropriate to settle in cash the vacation accumulated by a worker.


A multinational company with 110 employees noticed serious failures in its holiday control system, mainly attributable to the bureaucratic authorization procedure. The process is known: the employee requests a certain number of vacation days from his direct manager, who accepts or rejects it based on the rest of the team's vacation, and sends notice to RR.HH. But these notices, coming from different branches in several countries, do not always arrive at the destination or are not properly accounted for. As a result, he has decided to automate the process.


Ensure that staff's holiday management is based on up-to-date information and in very short deadlines.


The company uploaded to MasterBase® all the information of its staff, date of hiring, seniority, position, area, headquarters and total vacation available per year. He then established certain rules, such as preventing holiday sprees to coincide with a couple or their headquarters and establishing times of high, medium and low demand.

The next step was to set up an automated approval process. The employee requests vacation by filling out a form in a MasterBase account® enabled for that purpose, sending a message to their boss. Once the application approves, the process dispatches a notice to RR. HH.; If necessary, it makes adjustments according to the defined rules and finally modifies the database, discounting the authorized vacation days and updating the available balance.

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