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Sports clubs / access to members and guests by QR

Clubs remain an interesting option for developing sports, entertainment and social activities.

But for many golf clubs, horse riding, tennis, cologne and others, it is a regular challenge to enter members and guests. This involves factors such as control in the goalposts, issuance of membership cards, sending of invitations, validations, among others.


A major golf club in Chile received frequent complaints from its members due to the increase in guests making use of the facilities. When they wanted to use the tennis, rquetball or football courts, they were with them being occupied by guests, even without the company of the incumbent partner.


Facilitate the access of members and guests to the club's facilities, while maintaining an efficient control system, with up-to-date information and a clear definition of the permits and services provided to each member.


A virtual card with QR code was prepared for each member, which gathers all the information of the holder and his/her family group. Some rules were defined below to allow entry. For example, if the member is behind on paying their membership, they are allowed a new deposit, but an automatic message is sent with debt information and payment methods. It also established the generation of a 24-hour guest QR code, which only allows entry if the system detects that the incumbent member is in the club.

Code readers were available at each access to validate the unique and personalized QR that each partner has received by email and that they can deploy on their mobile device.

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