We believe in transforming power
of automation

And we know that for companies, of all types and sizes, and each area within them, to achieve unprecedented productivity and efficiency, they need to automate processes that today do not generate the desired value, in the most intelligent process automation platform and Intuitive ever designed for such effects.

The MasterBase® difference

From our beginnings, to face the need to adapt to various scenarios and customers, we have created and designed solutions, based on three principles:

  • Identify the processes
  • Distribute them in different instances
  • Consolidate the information of all the execution units

We wanted to turn this experience to our clients, to
through the MasterBase® automation model.

In our own work, we have needed to centralize the information and articulate the work carried out on it by various areas.

We have used third-party solutions that have not been designed to allow the customization or specificity we need.

We have also faced payrolls that only one person understands, stored on a computer that nobody else has access to, and all the problems derived from it.

For this reason, MasterBase® is already creating, progressively, our own automated processes to make our work more efficient, in a timely manner.

We are convinced that having a master base contributes, among other aspects, to increasing labor flexibility and promoting remote work, leaving in the past the need to be, physically, next to the information we need to operate.

This is the difference that today we transfer to our clients, in the form of a cutting-edge technology capable of transforming their business thanks to automated processes.

Free up resources and let them devise, build and share your innovations in our automation platform.


Why MasterBase®

With 18 years of experience leading the market of technologies applied to data and digital communications, we understand the need to:

Nurture information to other applications, with all the required safeguards and security standards.

Bring, from external sources, information that enriches and complements what we already have, to program personalized actions.


For this, we use components (WebServices), functions (MasterBase® SmartData) and other various elements (deployments, menus, shipments, notifications) of proven utility and in constant optimization, so that our customers can use in their environments and the resolution of their problems.

Automate your processes on a complete technology platform

A whole ecosystem that will completely change your vision of business and the digital world

Start to automatized

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MasterBase® Process Automation Platform helps organizations transform information-intensive business processes, reduce manual work and errors, minimize costs and improve customer engagement.

We assist companies, regardless of their size, industry or business function to ease implement our automation process solutions to deliver dramatic results that mitigate compliance risk and increase competitiveness, growth and profitability.

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