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In the age of the Internet and digital, there are still many marketing processes that can benefit from process automation.

As a good manager of the area, I imagine that you are looking for ways to transform your marketing department to make it work faster and to not miss sales opportunities.

Process automation could be the best solution to very positively transform marketing in your organization.

There are multiple activities that, with the adoption of automated processes, can lead to significant gains in efficiency and time.


Automated communications triggered by the customer's online behavior, such as requesting more information, downloading an eBook, registering for an event, buying online and similar interactions, via external application.

In confirmation messages, you can include links to personalized suggestions, buttons to share content or another call to action, for comments, dissemination and new sales.

In summary, it is about taking advantage of the message sent via email to prolong the activity of customers beyond the action that triggered the confirmation.


An online store selling electronic items wanted to send email messages to all those who were browsing its website not to buy but to access educational content on new technologies and encourage them to buy.

The objective was to take advantage of the information that potential clients provided when completing the download form, to know their interests and send them highly personalized messages, with offers tailored to those interests.


Using the MasterBase® process automation platform, it was possible to link the form that clients filled with their data when downloading the newsletters in PDF, with predesigned messages with information regarding all the educational offers available in the mini-site from which they downloaded the content in PDF.

For example, if someone completed the form to download a newsletter about portable audio products with Bluetooth technology, the automated process linked their email address, their name, the PDF of bluetooth technology and the message associated with that technology, thereby , 24 hours after the download, the potential customer received a message with offers related to portable audio products with bluetooth technology, available on the eCommerce portal.

Find out how and what you can automate in the marketing area to make it work faster and not to miss sales opportunities.

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