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Automate tasks that allow your sales force to stay ahead of time

Staying ahead, anticipating digital solutions that respond to the needs of the market and your customers

Sales teams are the spearhead of your business strategy and, as such, are responsible for materializing and strengthening the link with customers. But, beyond that, they must have time to follow the pulse of the market and project new sales.


As a result of the Covid 19 pandemic that is raging the world, one company decided that it was not going to risk its sales staff in faceto-face meetings.

This generated that the sellers began to hold virtual meetings, at the end of which they sent messages that summarized what was discussed and where, in addition, they included their contact details, hoping that their clients would save them. The smartest sellers made a message template that they filled out for every occasion.


Automate the sending of contact information or business card and ensure that customers save that data on their computers and phones.

Decrease the risk of loss of contact information. Free salespeople from the tedious task of composing a message for each virtual meeting and allow them to increase their dedication to understanding real customer requirements.


The company centralized and organized all the information of its personnel in databases on the MasterBase® process automation platform.

Then set up an automated messaging process that includes a solution designed for creating digital business cards, which was called I-Card. This incorporates in the message the contact details of the seller, which, in addition, are summarized in a Qr code that potential customers can scan with any Smartphone.

Today, the company's vendors only enter their customers' names and emails into their MasterBase® database. Then, when they send the message, they are asked to scan the Qr code, to make sure they actually save their contact details

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