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At MasterBase® we know that our customers require a service that adds value to their communication strategy, that automates the use of the platform and links each service with their internal information management systems. Therefore, we have developed a set of Web Services (or APIs) that have allowed us to integrate with different web applications, obtaining advantages such as the following:

  • Instant, low-cost communication: This means reaching customers at the right time, with immediate responses and lowering associated costs.

  • Process Automation: Simplify the management of both applications so you can spend your valuable time on tasks that are really important to your business.

  • Optimal information management: In simple words, no more duplication of information in multiple applications and platforms, and make it easier for users to use computer systems.

Why Zapier?

The adjustments made in MasterBase® make our APIs compatible with the Zapier platform, a tool designed for non-technical users to connect or integrate software and services. Zapier currently has more than 750 applications of this nature, making it one of the world's leading integration facilitating platforms.

Some possible actions thanks to this interoperability are:

  • Update databases on one of the built-in platforms and have the update reflected on both.
  • Shoot campaigns directly from internal applications without needing to enter the MasterBase® platform.
  • Obtaining from MasterBase® the statistics associated with each campaign, in the format and characteristics required.

Also discover all the possible integrations that you can achieve via Zapier

Social media

Social networks have become one of the main channels of communication of companies with their customers and have valuable information around who interacts with them.

CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Connect MasterBase® with various modules in your CRM, such as cold contacts, captive contacts, leads, and customers, achieving up-to-date databases on both systems.

CMS - Content Management System

Current content managers have data capture mechanisms, such as contact forms, surveys, and others. Leverage this information to direct your communications to prospects and customers through MasterBase®.


Through eCommerce platforms you will be able to interact with your customers and know their transactions on the web, to make segmentations based on their behavior. This will drive new purchases and improve communication with them.

Surveys - Events - Forms

Capture information from your customers through forms, surveys, or event subscriptions, which you can make available to them in a variety of applications, and store in MasterBase® information obtained.

Suite de Google

In its broad suite of solutions, Google offers a wide range of possible integrations.

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MasterBase® connectors

Thinking of facilitating the management of our customers, we have made some specific integrations to certain services allowing to expand the possibilities of our services:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Integration allows you to leverage the strengths of each solution, make them interact and link them in any direction (one-way or two-way).

Complete management, control and centralization of the information, prospects and activities of current or future customers.

Robust logistics of deliverability and tracking of shipments (delivery, bounces, openings, clicks). Storage and provision of the history and results of each campaign.


  • Message templates: An interface that allows you to create message templates and link them to specific fields of existing entities in Dynamics CRM.
  • Submissions: Defines the features that the shipment will have and which list of recipients will be related to.
  • Shipping Schedule: Define the date and time when messages will be sent; the results and behavior of each submission will be saved in this section.
  • Dashboard: Set of charts that provide an overview of the data obtained.

Google Analytics

At MasterBase® it is possible to enable tracking and identification of the traffic of visits to one or more websites, derived from a shipment made through our platform.


  1. Google Analytics is completely free.
  2. Deliverautomated and customized reports.
  3. It allows you to create different profiles for various aspects of your business.
  4. It is integrated with Google Adwords
  5. PAllows the definition of parameters according to specific needs.

MasterBase® Partners

For integration requests specific to our customers, we have partner companies:

SAS: Specialists in technology and services MasterBase®, from which they seek to improve the strategy of their business, mainly in four areas.

CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT: Loading databases and design of communication parts, with the highest industry standards.

INFORMATION CAPTURER's: Obtaining customer or lead data, from campaigns, online interactions, their participation in surveys or the application of market surveys.

GENERATION OF REPORTS: Incorporation of KPI's into communication processes to measure their scope.

INTEGRATIONS Automation, control and cost reduction, thanks to the interconnection with different systems.

Download SAS presentation

Some of the platforms integrated by SAS are:

CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Our team will connect your contact modules, leads and customers to achieve up-to-date databases and automated campaigns:

  • Create new users in the CRM.
  • Query, update, and delete existing information in MasterBase®.

CMS - Content Management System

Current content managers have different information capture mechanisms, such as contact forms and surveys. Through our integration you can keep the information up to date and send automated campaigns via MasterBase®:

  • Create new users in MasterBase®.
  • Query, update, and delete existing information in MasterBase®.


Make your customer interaction a reality and learn about your online activity, to segment them by categories. A segmented base translates into new sales and decreases the drop-off rate of shopping carts, as you can direct exclusive communications to them that trigger an interrupted business transaction.

  • Create new users in MasterBase®.
  • Query, update, and delete existing information in MasterBase®.

Experience in integrating and developing applications that interact with MasterBase®:

CMS - Content Management System

Website design on WordPress, e-Commerce or WooCommerce, with integration to databases in MasterBase®.

APP Apple / Android

Creation of integrated Android and Apple applications to data capture and upload, from forms to CRM and MasterBase databases®, including GPS geolocation for sending information to contacts depending on your geographic location.

Examples of integrations:


For customers with MasterBase®ST or MasterBase®PRO services, user manuals must be requested through Customer Service (

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