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Without being a digital expert or hiring a developer, create your own process automation solutions and offer them to the world

Thanks to our Configware process automation technology, you will be able to create automated solutions quickly, flexibly, at a low cost and, moreover, without having to master code formats or be an expert in digital matters.

Accelerate the digital transformation of businesses with the leading technology in process automation from MasterBase®.

It is time to start with MasterBase® and give life to your projects. From less to more.

Benefits of a Creator

  • Create automation solutions without having development knowledge.
  • Offer your solutions to the world, through the MasterBase® platform.
  • Obtain the permanent support and support of MasterBase® digital experts.
  • Access to Certifications, Workshop and Labs, among others, in which you can train, share with other creators and learn about new solutions.

Why create process automation solutions?

Automation is one of the most relevant aspects in the field of the growing digital transformation in Latin America and the world.

Studies indicate that in the last year practically all companies, regardless of their size and productive activity, have assumed that they need to automate processes to eliminate repetitive tasks, increase efficiency and allocate time to tasks oriented to the heart of the business.

Entrepreneurship and process automation

The success of a large part of the recent ventures is mainly explained by the proper use of technology.

Process automation is, without a doubt, the main engine to increase efficiency and obtain the expected result in any business idea to be undertaken.

MasterBase® allows you to create automation solutions without the need for digital experts and prior development knowledge.

You only need good ideas and the desire to undertake.

Do not wait any longer to get a custom software

If you are a creative person, with good business ideas -sometimes complex-, you do not have or have little knowledge in programming, limiting your creativity to the level of your abilities…, don't wait any longer.

MasterBase® has democratized access to automation, removing barriers such as the need to learn computer program or rely on digital experts to develop software for your needs.

Transferring your idea or concept to the digital world in the fastest way possible by becoming a Creator.

Become a Creator, don't waste any more time.

Automate, improve and innovate with MasterBase®

Start the journey of a creator with MasterBase® by registering here:

I want to be a creator

This month I have shared with a group of Creators and guided by the MasterBase® team, we have worked in practical sessions that have shown me the potential of the platform and the opportunity I have to create Solutions as a business.

Claudia Muga V.

Claudia Muga V.

Diseñadora, comunicadora multimedial y emprendedora gastronómica

I have done a self-taught learning and the MasterBase®️ platform has become an important ally to work and enhance this automation. With this I hope to reach many clients and - why not? - to different countries.

Guillermo Menesse

Guillermo Menesse

CEO y fundador I SoloUnClic

This solution will help companies to minimize errors and reduce costs and time. The automation needs in companies are many, so I am already considering new solutions that I can implement soon.

María Alejandra Garavito

María Alejandra Garavito

Analista de sistemas

I think it is a great opportunity for me to show Automation Solutions in more than 10 countries through the MasterBase® platform and help many companies and entrepreneurs to improve their businesses at low costs.

Roberto Silva

Roberto Silva

Analista Programador - Estudiante Duoc UC

I participated in a MasterBase® Labs, I showed the progress of my Solution and received very favorable comments from other Creators and, even, someone was interested in hiring my Solution. I invite you to dare and automate.

Ramiro Cerda

Ramiro Cerda

Business Administration

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