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Process Automation

MasterBase® empowers people whose ideas, thinking and approaches make the companies they work for highly productive and efficient.

Through a digital platform that allows work to be more humane, by automating processes freeing people from tasks they consume a lot of time, many of them, repetitive.

What is automation?

It can be defined as a manufacturing system designed to use the ability of machines to carry out certain tasks previously performed by humans, and to control the sequence of operations without human intervention.

What is process automation?

Process automation allows users to configure sets of successive actions to be executed on the data they own or services they can access.

Through our platform, it is the user who defines how to process the information contained in the bases or services that he determines, according to his specific needs.

In summary, through our platform, automated processes are capable of operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, offering high quality results and performing the most mundane and repetitive tasks with the same standard at all times.

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Why automate?

Many organizations have not yet started their automation journey. The market is changing rapidly around us and we see how some well-known leading brands have disappeared almost overnight because they were not able to transform their business into the digital economy by automating their processes.

Technological change and customer demand are now the engines that force organizations to consider automation as part of the company's vision.

On the other hand the complexity of work is increasing in most industries; The jobs we expect people to do become increasingly complex as companies try to adapt their business processes to changing customer demands.

... Who can automate processes?


Processes that involve volumes of important work hours (customers, employees, contracts, invoices).

Based on rules:

Processes whose operation depends on predefined rules.

Daily tasks:

Processes that consist of a succession of actions that are repeated cyclically.

Error propensity:

Processes that require continuous human intervention and are subject to errors.


Processes exposed to peak periods or critical moments.

... What are the benefits of automating processes

Automation is here to stay. The faster you take advantage of their potential, the faster you will create a competitive advantage for your business.

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MasterBase® Process Automation Platform helps organizations transform information-intensive business processes, reduce manual work and errors, minimize costs and improve customer engagement.

We assist companies, regardless of their size, industry or business function to ease implement our automation process solutions to deliver dramatic results that mitigate compliance risk and increase competitiveness, growth and profitability.

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