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We help you achieve your automation goals quickly and effectively. We have extensive experience in automation implementation, we are experts in evaluating and executing custom automation needs.


Today, the business environment is immersed in technological advance and therefore requires a flexible approach through dynamic and adaptable processes.

Our automation consultancy prepares the business for this approach, by achieving operational excellence and agility in its execution, helping you, among other things, to:

Roberto Castro

Consulting Manager

  • Know the platform and its possibilities.
  • Gain experience in business processes.
  • Build, together with us, scalable automation solutions, according to your interests.

Discovery stage

First of all, our consultants take the time to understand your business and your needs. This is an informal research session and can be done online, over the phone, or in person.

The first part of automation consulting is discovery. We will find out about your current processes, what you are looking to achieve through automation, and what you would like to optimize.


Identification of key processes

In addition to hearing about your automation goals, we will also use the discovery session to identify additional opportunities, suitable for your business.

Our platform is a scalable tool, with thousands of actions and combinations that you can configure. So we can probably suggest additional, unthinkable areas where automation could save you time and money.

Design proposal

We make a step-by-step automated process design proposal that reflects the previously identified process. On that proposal, we begin the configuration of the process, using this activity as a learning stage.

The objective is to empower you in the configuration of the process and in the use of the automation platform, so that, once the consultancy is finished, you can continue automating your own processes and advancing in the digital transformation of your company or business.



The process is implemented according to the objectives, deadlines and specific deliverables proposed.

Our reason for being is to support work teams to start their path of automation, innovation and digital transformation.

For this reason, once this stage is over, we invite you to learn about new automation tools that are being released on the MasterBase® platform and to participate in online sessions in which different digital transformers present their automation processes.

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