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Elaborate your messages following an effective step-by-step guide

The message creation module is intuitive and easy to use; will advance step by step through it, until completing all the required in terms of design and mailing, and finally show you a summary, from where you can correct a previous stage if necessary.


Edit your messages in the visual editor

A tool that operates with dragdrop dynamics pre-designed blocks, such as text boxes, images, logos, and social media link icons. Create and save your own blocks.

MasterBase® SmartData: Smart Personalization

MasterBase® SmartData it is a set of functions that allow custom configuration of the data used in personalization, either to ada pt its format, to establish relationships between them or from them.


Create Marketing Automation Workflows in MasterBase®

Easily automate the process of sending a message that has been previously prepared. Our system chains the various mailing steps, automating the sequence of actions according to what the user has defined.

Upload the images you will include in your messages to the system

A library in which you can directly upload a file or create a folder to store all the images associated with the same shipment.


Preview your messages before sending them

The preview of the messages created on the platform displays not only a test image, but the deployment that message will have on different devices and email providers.

Configure the sending of recurring messages

This feature allows you to schedule messages that are sent more than once according to a pattern, such as birthday greetings, alerts, reminders and others, in a simple and automated way according to the conditions defined by you.


Build and store your own message templates

You can preview, edit and delete a template for creating future messages and even create a new one and store it.

Have multiple senders for personalized mailing

Allows the personalization of the senders of your mailing. This is ideal for companies that manag e client portfolios assigned to service branches or to specific executives.


Before sending a message, try what works and what doesn't

Schedule an A / B test that will result in 3 mass mailings: two of them will be addressed to small contact segments (versions A and B of the same message) and the third will be the shipment to the rest of the base of the version that had Better test performance.

Manage and review your campaigns from your mobile

Enable your submissions, view the messages, review your reports. The MasterBase® mobile application is today, in times of multiple devices and immediacy in communications, a valuable tool for our customers.


Know the effectiveness of your campaigns with reports

See, minute by minute, the performance of your campaigns and the effectiveness of each submission. You can review general aspects of the shipment, in graphs and figures, as well as the detail of accepted messages, bounces, openings and click tracking.

Get complete information of your emails send, as required

The report will allow you to analyze your results, verify, for example, rates, rebound occurrence and, in general, how customers respond to your email send, to improve your communications management.


Access detailed information of your campaigns on the web

The platform offers native integration with Google Analitycs, which allows, in a couple of clicks, to automatically add Google Analytics tracking to campaign links sent through MasterBase®.


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