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Management of cafes and restaurants

Usually, the management of a business of this item that has one or very few branches is carried out by its owners, which implies a large investment of time and a high margin of error.


An entrepreneur who owns 4 restaurants controls all purchases, vendor payments and staff shifts with sheets, one for each location, which reviews and complements weekly. Some providers are paid fortnightly and others pay for 30 days. In addition, it transfers the sales and shift information of the staff, in the specific format required by the system of its accountant, for the latter to carry out the calculation of taxes and social laws.


Automate repetitive and manual processes to reduce the error rate and to free up time that the owner can spend on projecting their business and dependents and local bosses to focus on better care that results in an optimal experience for your customers.


Centralized and organized all information in databases on the MasterBaseprocess automation platform®. He started by automating submissions to his accountant, with the data formatted thanks to the SmartData tool. He then established automated processes that send their suppliers a reminder of the payment dates set with each, so that control management over their restaurants has been simplified and streamlined substantively.

Today, with the advice of a process consultant, you are setting up a solution for personnel control, schedules, days off, salaries and gratuities, which you will implement at a later date.

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