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As the number of patients increases, health care providers have the challenge of managing inventory levels, supporting the digitization of patient files, optimizing appointment scheduling, and running process billing and claims.

Increased challenges to drive greater efficiency and growth through process automation.


A prestigious medical clinic in Lima has started an ambitious digital transformation plan with which it aims to increase and improve the services to its patients.

As part of this process it has been proposed to digitize the clinical information of its patients, offering them a personalized consultation service.


The clinic requires a database that can hold large volumes of information including both images and documents and that this database is automatically fed as the patient performs performance in the clinic.


The clinic decided to use a MasterBase® account to house the master base of care and examinations of its patients, automatic processes were configured by which each of the imaging machines transmits its results to this master base, Automatic processes were also configured to incorporate clinical test results into the base.

At the same time customers can access their personal history using a MasterBase® account freemium which has the built-in solution to access their history individually and securely using the credentials provided by the clinic.

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