From customization to smart customization


MasterBase® SmartData from customization to smart customization.

MasterBase® SmartData adds a set of functions that allow you to custom configure the data that is used in the customization, either to adapt its format, to establish relationships between them or from them.

With MasterBase® SmartData customization is enriched because the data is configured according to the user's needs.


Make smart customizations without relying on the quality of your contact base.

With MasterBase® SmartData, the uniformity and order of stored information are not factors that determine successful customization.




In line with the deployment of the MasterBase menu® in three levels, MasterBase® SmartData functions are also available to the user in varying degrees of complexity.

Depending on how deep your domain is in data handling or how complex your need for customization is, you can make use of Normal, Advanced, or Expert-level functions.


Below are just a few examples of what you can accomplish with MasterBase® SmartData, level by level.


Forget editing your data in spreadsheets or external applications to standardize or correct it, with MasterBase® SmartData data is formatted directly in the message to be sent, so that it looks the way you want it to.

... ...

Apply MasterBase® SmartData functions that modify the appearance of your message at the line and paragraph level, relate one data to another, or make comparisons between a figure and a reference value.

... ...

Leverage your technical knowledge to apply MasterBase® SmartData functions that define data arrays, incorporate tables with dynamic information into your messages, or combine various functions into a single customization block.



How to use MasterBase® SmartData?

You just need to create - or edit - your message and, when incorporating the customization varchar, embed the MasterBase function® SmartData that will modify the field as you see fit.


In this same environment (Act > Mass Message Sending > Create Message), you will find a help resource that, in addition to summarizing the features and benefits of MasterBase® SmartData, will allow you to download one of the three manuals that we have arranged for you: Normal Level, Advanced Level and Expert Level.

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