The best way to build a database of trust and conced to the laws of bulk shipments, is the opt-in.


What does "Opt-in" mean?

“Opt in” is an individual's authorization for a particular company to send you communications by email.

The most common way to capture email addresses is to arrange a form for that purpose within the company's website with a legend similar to "Subscribe to our newsletter" o "Receive our offers by email”.

At MasterBase® you can create a custom registration form for each list.

Where is the MasterBase® Registration Form?

This form is customizable at the level of fields to be requested and image by each client and is also responsive, allowing it to adapt correctly to viewing on desktop and mobile devices.


The generic path of the form is as follows:

En donde dice “mnemonic” should be replaced by your MasterBase® account name and "X" by your contact base ID.

How to Customize it?

Customizing Fields:

The field display on the form is defined when you create a new field or edit an existing field in the MasterBase®. To make it visible in the registration form you must select in the Interface field:

Register: if you want it to be just a field in the registry.

Both: if you want this field to be completed in the management interface.


Image Customization:

Adicionalmente se puede solicitar la personalización de las imágenes de este formulario, enviando a nuestro Customer Service ( replacement images under the following conditions:

  • HeaderTitle: JPG, 700 x 118 pixeles
  • Header: JPG, 14 x 118 pixeles
  • Footer: JPG, 14 x 118 pixeles

Configuring System Notifications:

As expected, the registration form that we make available to you makes notification messages against the following actions:

  • Welcome message to a new record
  • Data refresh confirmation message
  • Subscription key send message
  • Confirmation of unregistration
  • Subscription key change message
  • Unsubscribed email change message

If you have questions or need further help creating your registration form, please write to us at

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