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Saturating their squares with unrelevant messages moves consumers to ignore those that don't align with their tastes or simply eliminate them. Automating processes that trigger specific communications to each customer's interests is the key to reaching and enchanting them, while marketing attention is set on great things.


The disruption faced by the insurance industry is particularly reflected in the industry's new forms of automotive insurance.

EIn which the payment turns out to be variable based on parameters such as: kilometers traveled, type and place of usual parking, type of driving and others of georeferential type.

While the industry has the tools that allow it to track and perform associated risk calculations, for application to the variable monthly premium. It faces the need for accountability and transparency in front of its customers.


The industry faces the need to deliver periodic reports to its customers, including a cart with the items within the contract and those additional from the period.


Using the process automation platform MasterBase®, some insurance companies, have set up processes to sort each customer's data, structure a PDF document containing it, and make a monthly submission to each customer of that information.

All this without having to hire additional staff.

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