MasterBase® Success stories

Casos de éxito MasterBase®

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Masterbase® helped us a lot in the sending of information with attachments.

Ignacio Debole,
in charge of Multigol systems

Casos de éxito MasterBase®

Email marketing is very important for our business strategy; that's why we made MasterBase® a part of the solution.

Enrique Ramírez,
Digital Marketing Director Fandeal

Casos de éxito MasterBase®

Thanks to MasterBase®, we have made progress in digitizing our processes and using our resources much more efficiently.

M.Ignacia Goycoolea,
Communications Assistant UC Theater

Casos de éxito MasterBase®
Casos de éxito MasterBase®
Casos de éxito MasterBase®
Casos de éxito MasterBase®

Fernanda Maturana
Digital Marketing Manager
Principal Financial Group

With MasterBase® we have been able to develop an omni-channel digital strategy, which has allowed us to know the behavior of our clients and to communicate more effectively.


María Camila Muñoz Arias
Communications Professional
Centro Colombo Americano de Medellín - Colombia

The new MasterBase® platform is much more intuitive and complete the previous one. It has allowed us to send campaigns with greater ease. The reports and statistics are also more complete and graphically show the scope of our sendings.


Abraham Lepe Sacaan
Digital Marketing Analyst - Chile

We have been with MasterBase® for more than 2 years and we have seen great progress in terms of customer service and software strength. We have tested more than 3 different providers and MasterBase® has been the only one capable of responding with ease to our specific demands.