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About MasterBase®

Who we are

We are a company that helps our clients achieve a true 1:1 personalization through relevant communications.

Our methodology, based on these 3 actions, will allow direct, immediate and personalized interaction with your clients, through relevant communications.

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    Easily concentrate all the information of your clients.

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    Relate the data automatically.

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    Create and send Custom communications 1: 1

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Long stay in the market that reinforces the confidence of our customers


Our professional staff

We are a multidisciplinary team of professionals from the technological, marketing and communication areas.

We have piled up years of experience helping companies of great recognition in the market. To do this, we have kept the highest standards at MasterBase®, converting its success into a constant, which our clients can attest today.

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Privacy policy

At MasterBase® we are dedicated to establishing a trusting relationship with our clients and users, based on the respect for the privacy of individuals and their information.

MasterBase® works to assure our customers and their business the highest level of data protection.

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Anti spam policy

MasterBase®’s policy regarding spam is very clear. We are completely against spam or unwanted email.

If any customer or natural person sends any type of spam through our services of email delivery, the case will be dutifully investigated and prosecuted.

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Growing your business is easy with MasterBase®