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From the beginning, innovation has been the basis of our technological services at MasterBase®. And we mean services, not software.

MasterBase® provides all the services and functions you need to design and execute your plans to establish one-to-one communication with your clients, as well as to search and store data based on a platform of avant-garde technology.

On Demand Technology

Everything is delivered “On Demand”. This means that we work based on subscription, without requiring software or other costs, such as investment in technological infrastructure. This results in significant advantages over the traditional on-premise software model, including, greater innovation, more responsive applications, reduced IT complexity and cost, greater productivity, and lower total cost of ownership among many other benefits.

Cloud Computing

To achieve this objective, our services are based on the new Cloud Computing Model , which translates into diverse benefits for your company. Learn more »


Because of our basis in the cloud computing model, we offer real world benefits including:

  • No upgrades or costly licenses involved. Services evolve at no cost to you.
  • No investment required in expensive servers or hardware for implementing applications. Everything works through the Internet.
  • Capacity to increase or decrease demand without any additional investment.
  • Lower training costs due to the cloud’s capacity of being intuitive and easy to use.

More benefits? Learn more »

Data Center

In other words, the technology featured in all of our services is found in our own Data Center, where we have invested heavily in technology and physical infrastructure to ensure high quality and secure standards.

Security: To protect your information from unauthorized access and/or improper use. We rely on high quality security standards and physical infrastructure, specialized personnel, networks, applications and digital security (authentication, cryptology, firewall, etc.)

Availability: We guarantee 99.7% availability. Redundancy allows us to be available to offer high standards of service.

Scalability: The architecture of the Data Center has been designed to allow flexibility to increases with On Demand needs.

Monitoring 7*24: Our infrastructure, technology and services are permanently monitored, reducing risk. We are constantly running tests and periodically evaluating performance in order to guarantee the highest level of service.


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