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We understand deliverability – all the effort and steps needed to effectively deliver emails to the inboxes of your customers. According to the estimations of the quantity of Spam that exists today, delivering emails, more than just sending them, is a greater challenge each and every time.

If we only worry about sending emails and if they are not effectively delivered, the success of our Email Marketing campaigns will be an unknown that few will be able to continue to support in time.

210 billion emails are sent every day worldwide and it is estimated that only 20% of those emails are “legitimate.”

What makes this a challenge?

The large quantity of Spam that exists today makes legitimate e-Marketing a challenge. Given that more than 80% of emails that are sent worldwide are Spam, more Spam Filters are created every day by ISP’s and businesses that make it more difficult to ensure that your emails reach your clients’ inboxes.

Our Commitment

MasterBase® is committed to dedicating the maximum time and effort, as well as technology through our applications and our team of professionals to constantly improve our deliverability, helping our clients effectively reach the inboxes of their customers.

Chain of Deliverability


The author is the business or person who wishes to send emails to their client base.

The sender is MasterBase® in this case, the business that offers the large-scale email delivery service.

Therefore, the author sends emails through the sender and those emails are sent through the Internet. Then those emails are received by the recipient, who is usually the business that provides the email account to both the author and recipients. They decide if the emails will arrive or not at their destination, and define if an email is SPAM or not.

The addressee is the client or prospective client to whom the author directed the email. The final destination of the delivery.

Deliverability Service

MasterBase® has the technology and knowledge necessary to help our clients improve their level of deliverability.

The Spam Filters of recipients consider 3 relevant areas at the time of deciding if an email will or will not get passed on to the addressee:

  • 1. Authentication: Is the sender who he says he is?

  • The authentication allows the recipient to verify if the sender is really who he says. Given the large quantity of Spam that exists, many emails pretend to be from someone else in order to arrive at inboxes, causing frustrations that we are all familiar with. This is why the authentication is key and the ISP has developed technologies to authenticate emails.

    MasterBase® provides the necessary technology to incorporate the authentication required by the ISP in our mailings. This may include things like SPF which contains a list of authorized IP addresses to a determined domain and DKIM which verifies the domain of the sender.

  • 2. Reputation: Is the author and sender a good person?

  • It is estimated that more than 80% of deliverability problems are a result of the sender’s reputation. The reputation is basically the sender’s behavior towards the ISPs. If you sent emails that did not have the addressee’s permission, this is not in accordance with the Anti Spam norms and general successful e-marketing practices. Therefore, if you lose your good reputation it is easier to be considered Spam.

    MasterBase® is a business that has the kind of reputation that allows the ISP to open its doors. We have achieved our good reputation through more than 10 years of good behavior, delivering more than 100 million emails monthly.

    But it’s not only the reputation that is responsible for the deliverability success. The author of the emails, or in this case, the business is also responsible. It is here that we can help you to work on your ISP reputation by using our specialized tools.

  • 3. Content: Did the author fulfill the requirements to pass?

  • You should follow best practices so as not to fall into the Spam category. When we say best practices we are referring to insuring that the structure of your HTML does not have errors, that the subjects of your messages do not contain words used by spammers, and that the size of your emails is appropriate and does not use CSS.

    MasterBase®, through its experience, tools and good practices, helps its clients to avoid making content mistakes allowing them to maximize the delivery of their emails to their clients’ inboxes.

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