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We have eMarketing services that allow us to solve your communication needs online.

Independent of the size of your business, your Budget, or your needs, MasterBase® has the eMarketing services that you need. This is because we know that not everybody is the same, and therefore we offer two eMarketing services to meet your varied needs. For both services the advanced platform technology is the same and the only differentiation is in the level of performance features.

MasterBase® ST: Powerful online communication tool

Possesses 3 features that will help you to build consumer loyalty among your clients.

MasterBase® Pro. Professional eMarketing Service.

For those who need powerful eMarketing performance features and more

All of our services are based in Permission Marketing , and we are against any kind of Spam.

Permission is an asset that people give to a company in exchange for valuable information. The objective is to ask for permission before sending communications to your clients. We work based on Permission Marketing

The policy at MasterBase® with respect to Spam is very clear. If any client or natural person sends any kind of Spam, through our email services, the case will immediately be investigated and punished accordingly.

Discover how MasterBase® can help you make your dialogue with your clients more effective, personalized, relevant, and measurable. Ask for a demo today or contact one of our representatives for more information.

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