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Need help getting your email marketing programs and results to the next level?

We offer a wide range of Customer Services to support your email marketing programs with MasterBase®. Our Customer Services team can assist you with a variety of tasks that can be customized to your specific needs.

Quick Start

We help quickly and effectively, defining your needs and business goals with email marketing.

List Assistance

We help build your list of contacts. We will prepare, upload and segment your list to the target audience that matches your marketing strategy.

Template Creation

We offer one monthly design included in our low monthly price. Each design is customized and will showcase your brand and unique offer.


Your dedicated Account Manager will deliver customized reports on your email marketing campaigns according to your specific needs.

Effective Surveys

We will help build effective surveys that generate actionable information relevant to your business. We guide in defining objectives and structure of the survey.

Email Invitation

In addition, we will guide you on building an effective email to motivate your customers to complete the survey, a crucial action that defines the success of the effort.

Registration Setup

We will help you build the event form, invitations and confirmation page.

Invitations Generation

Define the email that generates the invitation to register for the event. Determine how to


We help manage the list of confirmed and generating the necessary confirmations end of quotas.

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