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Expert managed account services that increase your email marketing results

We offer a FREE dedicated Customer Success Manager (CMS) to make your Email Marketing Campaigns go to the next level. Expert experience combined with a powerful platform is the key to successful interactive marketing. Our approach provides the structured guidance for clients to fully leverage the Masterbase platform and more.

Our CMS will guide you every step of the way - hands on with MasterBase tool, strategic planning and email campaign setup, execution, reporting analysis and more. Our goal is to help you enhance your Email Marketing experience so that you can maximize your email marketing ROI.

Our Customer Success Manager focus on 3 main scopes; Consulting, Training and Support.


We will ensure your implementation make to the top, by following proven project methodologies for FREE. Our Certified Experts work with you, hand-in-hand, to make certain your email-marketing campaigns succeed. We'll guide you through strategic planning, email campaign setup, execution, reporting analysis, and more.


We offer FREE special training course, designed to provide practical and useful experience to new users from both technical and non-technical backgrounds in order to be familiar with Masterbase´s tool. The goal is to provides detailed instruction on everything you need to know about Masterbase tool to make email marketing your super star. We include a wide range of Custom Services for FREE to help you get started or to assist you when you're strapped for time.


We offer FREE real time support by Chat, Phone or email during business hours with no extra cost. All our Support allow unlimited calls to the Support desk. We offer a Support to help you get started or to assist you when need it. We can help you get up and running fast, from account set-up to setting up your first email template or any doubt or how to use feature, no matter how lack of experience or expert you are.

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