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With MasterBase® ST you can design Impact emails, surveys and organize events online

MasterBase® ST helps companies like yours to strengthen their client relationships in the most effective way.

With MasterBase® ST you can access our online communication platform that allows you, in a quick and simple manner, to contact your clients and prospective clients in a frequent and measurable way.

MasterBase® ST allows you to maintain control of one of the most important channels of communication today – email marketing.

Three main features and deliverability are the basis of success.


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MasterBase® ST has three main features that all drive towards the same objective; to help you generate a constant, measurable and efficient dialogue with your clients.


We believe that the key to success in Email Marketing focuses on deliverability. Assuring that emails arrive to their destination every time is a challenge that requires no only technical knowledge, but also the reputation, conduct, and good practice that only MasterBase® can give you.


Our service gives you all the benefits necessary to make your email campaign relevant, generate responses, and award you a return on your investment.

Functional Qualities

Discover what our service is capable of with all of our functional qualities in order to create an effective email marketing program.


We have more than 400 reasons for our success, prestige, reliability, and the duration of our powerful email marketing tool.

Pricing Policy

MasterBase® ST, Standard Solution, is the only email marketing tool where you can send the quantity of emails you want, when you want, without affecting your bottom line and cost.

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