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Online Surveys

Now you can ask questions and actually listen to your customers in a more efficient, economical, and online form.

The better you know your clients and what they think of your company, products and services, the better you can serve them and react to changes in behavior, interests, and preferences.

SolucionesLong gone are the times when we could depend on a specialized business to create survey questionnaires, and even further gone are the times of interviewing each client to be able to complete the surveys physically

Today you can measure the level of client satisfaction, their intention to buy, or level of interest in a product or service, receive feedback on your communications and web page, all through online surveys.

Online surveys are a tool that allow you to generate all kinds of information and obtain results in real time.

SolucionesYou only need to have the objective and the structure of the survey clear before entering the system. Surveys are created as a series of questions in which each question is associated with one or more answer.

SolucionesThe defined questions can receive one or more alternatives as answers, and can also be answered with numerical or textual results.

SolucionesYou can also define questions that, depending on the answer, will be the alternatives that show up in following questions. This is a format we call, “Dynamic.”

SolucionesYou can also create questions with flow, in which the philosophy is: define a question in which the alternative selected will be that which is responsible for expanding the following questions (each option has a specific question associated with it).

SolucionesObtain results with your surveys in real time. You can export data to spreadsheets if you wish. You are also able to track who opens your surveys, when they opened them, and when they answered.

Find out how MasterBase® can help to make your client dialogue more effective, personalized, relevant and measurable. Ask today for a demo or even contact one of our representatives directly.

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