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Digital Signature


Give your customers peace of mind, authenticating the resources of your message as 100% reliable.

Digital signature or electronic signature is a cryptographic method that associates the identity of a person or an informatics team to the message or document -in this case- transmitted by email.

How does it work?

According to the type of signature, this method can also ensure the integrity of the document or message.

For messages sent through insecure channels, to include the digital signature guarantees the recipient that the message is originally coming from the sender.

In many aspects, digital signatures are similar to handwritten signatures: it can be related to a document in order to identify the author; it can express conformity (or (inconformity) with the content; it can indicate it has been read, or; depending on the type of signature, guarantee its content can’t be modified.



The clearest benefits of digital signatures implemented in your email marketing campaigns are basically two: authentication and integrity.
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One of today’s main objectives of the digital signature is to avoid Phishing.

Digital signatures are generally used in implementing electronic signatures. Electronic signatures, which can be found in any type of electronic data, intend to be a type of digital signature. But not all electronic signatures include digital signatures.

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