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MasterBase ® PRO is designed for those who
eMarketing need powerful performance and more.

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Maximize your eMarketing service.

If you already are a customer of MasterBase®ST, this new service will satisfy you even more. Besides the services and benefits you have become accustomed to, now you count on our new and powerful tools that will take your eMarketing strategy to a whole new level.

MasterBase® Pro Service

Our professional edition has been designed to achieve the highest demands required in today’s digital era, producing an online experience even more surprising and effective.

MasterBase@Pro has been designed for those customers seeking powerful features rendering services to fully design eMarketing strategies. But that isn’t all.

Powerful eMarketing service and more

MasterBase@Pro features the following characteristics:

MasterBase® ST

It includes all benefits offered by MasterBase@ST, Standard Version, which you can use to create, deliver and monitor your eMarketing campaigns.

MasterBase® OSR

It fully provides support and searches of emails dated up to 4 years back. Additionally, it allows massive storing of files equipped with an effective searching system.

Plus, it offers the following additional features:

Attachments Attachments
Now you can upgrade your regular deliveries by including attachments and personalized statements to robust your communications.
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Dynamic Forms Dynamic Forms
Enrich personalized contents in your forms and add multiple customized tables.
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Digital Signatures Digital Signatures
Ensure integrity of document or message by implementing a cryptographic method.
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MasterBase® Pro, Professional Solutions, just as MasterBase@ST, also privileges the model you need to send as many emails as you desire and whenever you desire all at a same rate. We are only concerned with the size of your base and not with the amount of deliveries.
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We have more than 600 reasons that underline the success, prestige, seriousness and permanency of our powerful eMarketing tool.
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Discover how MasterBase® Pro can fuel your effectiveness, personalization and customer engagement. Request your Free Trial, today or Contact one of our representatives.

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