Exceeding expectations

Exceeding our customer expectations

Our mission is to go beyond the increasing expectations of our customers. We would like to see that reflected not only through the achievement of business goals, but also through the total customer satisfaction. Some highlights of what they think of our relationship:

We have achieved excellent results when regarding Email Marketing as a critical feature in our Marketing operations with MasterBase

Camila Palacios
Head of Marketing, E-Commerce

For our business MasterBase is a primary tool. It gives us all the confidence to work effectively and keep in touch with our clients

Fabiola Terzago
Assistant Manager, Canal Digital

The service provided by MasterBase is essential to reach our Affiliates with our emails in a timely manner and on time. It is very important to have a tool that allows us to schedule deliveries, assess the impact (unread emails, unread, bounced, etc.), and to segment etc. It is certainly a tool that brings us closer to our associated companies.

Galo Ernesto Guerra
Systems Manager

Deliver personalized and targeted messages as well as being expected and valued by our customers is a priority for our company to strive to excel at our customers and to be steps ahead of our competitors.

The powerful MasterBase tool provides access to response data in real time, i.e., when, who, and how many people opened the email, clicked it and where (which link). It allows us to meet individual customer preferences and behaviors.

Pablo Nieto
General Manager

We needed a special service to perform periodic mail deliveries informing about our classes, values and special promotions and with MasterBase ® ST we found the perfect service.... .... in addition, our students enroll through the MasterBase ST ® system, which is very comfortable for them and for us.

With MasterBase ® ST, everything is recorded and is easier to work. It is fast and safe. We also have all the students’ information in one place, which we can constantly access online. By being more efficient, we can increase our database, keep it clean and updated and we can communicate more easily with our students".

Alejandra Larenas
Executive Director

MasterBase has become an important part of our company, the quality of their service and the tool's versatility allow us to be more effective in our processes and communications, not only in the marketing area but also in all areas of the company, since its way of reaching our database is efficient.

Its use is particularly easy and allows complete control of what is done and how. We have always received timely service and we have been accompanied in each of the processes implemented, being advised on how to do it better! MasterBase is part of our family

Lorena Fernández
Jefe Nacional de Marketing
Growing your business is easy with MasterBase.

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