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Privacy Policy

At MasterBase® privacy is an essential issue. We aim to establish an honest relationship with our customers and users based on the respect for individual identification and information. MasterBase® works to ensure that our customers receive the highest possible levels of protection for their information. And we will continue working to maintain strict and secure quality standards for online privacy.

Due to the fact that we manipulate relevant and strategic customer information, in addition to being bound by confidential contracts, we have developed privacy norms detailing our commitment to data confidentiality, and the manner in which personal information is gathered and utilized.

Collection and use of information in our Web site.

The information we collect on our Web Site from our customers and others is used to obtain access to any one of our solutions or communications. This information will not be used for any purpose regarding sales, usage or renting to third parties without due authorization. This information is used to contact prospects in case any interest is shown regarding commercialization of one of our solutions.

Email addresses required by our web site and/or any other information is sent only when exclusively requested. Our company believes in and works to implement Permission-based Marketing. We solely communicate with customers that have granted us permission to do so. All emails we may send include the option of interrupting subscription at any given moment (opt-out), guaranteeing you that our company will not send any unwanted communications in the future.

When we keep records of actions and movements made on our Web site, we collect information of visited pages, clicks, available information obtained from our page, IP direction and type of browser. This enables us to better customize our page in order to improve monitoring navigation of users, online assistance via Chat and technical support. Finally, we only deliver emails to those who have voluntarily provided information to us. Our content may include information from our newsletters, updates, new features to our solutions and/or any relevant news regarding what we do and commercialize.

Use of our customers’ information.

If, as a customer, you choose to use any one of our solutions (or work offering services connected to our solutions), all information regarding your list of clients is handled with the utmost privacy. This is guaranteed in a confidentiality contract.


A cookie is a small text file transferred to your computer from a web server. Its function generally involves authentication, monitoring of navigation, and gathering of specific information on users. Our cookies are only used to monitor time and forms of navigation through our web site in order to improve our webpage, the value of information, and your experience with us. These cookies are not linked to any address aside ours and you are empowered to accept or decline their use in your Internet navigator. For further information on how to manage cookies within your Internet navigator, visit the site www.aboutcookies.org

Information used by third parties.

MasterBase® is a company that offers online On Demand solutions that are usually commercialized through Resellers. For this reason, apply our privacy policy to our Resellers in order to be aligned with our purpose of establishing a reliable relationship with our customers and users. All of this is based on respect for the identification of individuals and their information. Each Reseller is required to sign a contract complying with confidentiality norms as an additional guarantee.


As solutions providers, MasterBase® considers security a key issue. For this reason, we are proactive and responsible in the effective and efficient protection of this data. MasterBase® enforces security measures that protect lost, malicious use or alteration of data under our control.

Contact us

For any questions or comments refer to our privacy policy or send us an email to info@masterbase.com or at our company address:


3700 Commerce Blvd. Suite 101W, Kissimmee, FL 34741. USA. Phone: 1-407-329-4782

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