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Anti Spam Policy


MasterBase®’s policy regarding Spam is very clear. We are completely against Spam or unsolicited email. If any customer or natural personal sends any type of Spam through our services of email delivery, the case will be dutifully investigated and prosecuted.

Our Commitment

MasterBase® does not send emails that have not been solicited by the recipient.

MasterBase® does not do business with companies that send unsolicited emails.

MasterBase® does not sell or rent customer information.

MasterBase® maintains a Privacy Policy that clearly states the way we manage our customer information.

MasterBase® is committed in working with what is known as Permission-Based E-Marketing. This means sending emails only to those customers that solicit them.

How does MasterBase® help your company to not create Spam?

MasterBase® is a company that strictly abides by the permission rules and does not Spam by respecting the following:

Terms and Conditions First, we request each of our customers who click on our Free Demo to accept the Terms and Conditions whereby they commit themselves to avoid sending unsolicited emails.

Identification: Recipient information must always be correct. The email sender’s domain is predefined by MasterBase®.

Unsubscribing: As required by law, MasterBase® includes a link to unsubscribe from future email deliveries made by the same sender.

Sender information: Each email generated by MasterBase® contains the legitimate address of the source of the message, including physical address.

Direct relation with ISP MasterBase® maintains a direct relation with the most important ISPs and email account suppliers of the world.

Promise of Email Marketing: MasterBase® accepts, supports and fulfills the terms of the Email Marketing Pledge, guidelines that are established by the ESPC, Email Sender Provider Coalition.

Avoid Spam. Useful advice to consider before sending an email.

To avoid spamming and all its costs, follow these steps before sending an email.

Do not sell or rent any list of records.

Confirm that in your list of records there are not any generic or suspicious addresses such as sales@dominio.com, info@dominio.com, business@dominio.com.

Make sure your list of records does not contain old email addresses, especially those related to individuals who have subscribed some time ago.

Ask yourself if you are sending emails to individuals who haven’t explicitly consented to receive such communications.

Are you using a third-party email address or the domain without permission?

Ensure that the unsubscribing system is functioning correctly.

Check that ‘Subject’ of your email does not contain erroneous, false, or unrelated information that does not match the real content of the message.

MasterBase® is a company that is focused on permission based E-marketing and is equipped with all the necessary tools for both developing and controlling email deliveries, so that your company does not break any of the three rules on spamming.

Report Spam

If you have received unsolicited emails or if you have any questions regarding Spam and/or our spam policy, please email us at info@masterbase.com


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