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Who we are

MasterBase® is a leading in the development of web based technology services that provides On Demand Infrastructure, whether it is physical or logical, under the new Cloud Computing model; Scalable, Instantaneous, Reliable, Secure and Efficient in the use of resources.

The company offers marketers and IT an integrated technology platform through its MasterBase® services, including MasterBase® ST, permission based email marketing services, MasterBase® Pro, e-marketing professional service with powerful advanced email marketing tools and more, MasterBase® OSR, Online Searchable Record, online service of fast and easy searching and storing of records and MasterBase® PD, Private Data Center Service. Learn more »

MasterBase® was formed more than 10 years ago, by a Team of Marketing and IT Experts, resulting in a user-friendly and intuitive system and service that doesn't require a technical background to operate.

Clients included small, medium and large organizations, across many industries such as Banks, Insurance, Retail, Health, Entertainment and servicing recognized brands including Philips, Blockbuster, Avianca, ING Insurance, Santander Bank, Cencosud Retail between others.
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MasterBase® is based in Santiago de Chile, with offices in United States, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. Our servers deliver today more than 100 million permission based emails monthly, in 10 countries.
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